Why would you want to use Cloud Servers?


One of the more popular topics for discussion in the world if IT are cloud servers and their benefits.  While in some ways this technology has been around for sometime; their application is now happening on a broader scale.  Cloud Servers work by providing storage space and computer processing to users that don’t physically have the server on location.  The user can access improved memory, storage and run applications from a terminal at their location that is connected to a cloud server in any part of the world.  This can make a rather cost effective improvement for businesses because this type of service does not require a large in-house IT staff to operate it.

There are three types of hosting from cloud servers currently available.  These three types are called hybrid clouds, public clouds and private clouds.  A private cloud may also be referred to as an internal cloud.  This type of cloud service shares resources within the intranet of the business and provides the benefit of less downtime and faster processing.

External clouds, which are called public clouds, make their resources available to the end user over the internet.  The benefits of this type of cloud hosting are that it costs less money because an IT staff is not needed and deploying software is very rapid.  The third type of cloud hosting which is referred to as a hybrid cloud is a combination of the aforementioned two types of cloud hosting.  This type of cloud hosting benefits the end user by giving them more control internally and having easy access externally through the internet.

Businesses that use cloud hosting services free their company’s resources immensely because cloud hosting services typically do not have limitations.  This means that funding that was once required on an annual basis for upgrading computers can now be diverted to more important functions.  While there is free cloud hosting service, it is not generally good practice for a professional company like MapleLeafOnlineCasino to rely on them.  Free cloud hosting may be too open and pose a security risk depending on the nature of the services being provided.  Cloud hosting services that charge a monthly or annual fee are generally the right way for a business to go.  These paid cloud hosting services generally have much better security and protects their clients from data loss.

Valuable company data that is dependent on a third party free cloud hosting service also does not follow most catastrophe contingency plans for protection of data.  Cloud hosting services that offer improved security and charge a fee are those that do fall under this type of information protection contingency plan and are recommended for professional business either big or small.