Single Hop

The Platform of Choice!

SingleHop is one of the best services available for a business. A perfect blend of utility, customization, and ease of use make it the perfect tool for a business in any level of growth.

SingleHop For Your Business

SingleHop For Your Business

SingleHop Features

  • Some of the fastest uploads and downloads available on any cloud.
  • Cross utility to almost any platform that your company uses. Includes Windows to Mac support.

Product Philosophy:

  • Best deploy time of almost any cloud available on the market.
  • One of the more costly cloud services. Premium fees are higher than you may expect.


  • Great built-in security, with the ability to add more security measures if you feel it is needed.
  • Implementing your own security programs can be a bit of a hassle


  • Pay for the amount of data that you need.

Ease Of Use

  • A wonderful blend of simple interface, and ability to customize the cloud to what your business needs.
  • Not a good choice for totally new users. Most of the real benefits are geared toward technical support personnel.


  • Infrastructure support, so your tech employees can gain a better grasp of cloud service over time.
  • Several mediums to contact customer support if you are experiencing a problem. .


If you are looking for the best blend of flexibility and strong initial cloud data service, SingleHop is one of the best choices. With lightning fast speeds, and the creativity to manage the data you use and need the most, SingleHop is a great choice for knowledgeable and active users.

SingleHop User Review

SingleHop User Review

SingleHop is one of the most powerful cloud services available to the public. However, this is not the best choice for new cloud users, as it requires some knowledge of data hosting for you to fully utilize its vast suite of abilities.


  • Multi-Device support that allows you to access your information on all your favorite pieces of tech.
  • Some of the fastest service available in data hosting. Broadband speeds are lightning fast, and it is not just a catchphrase.

Product Philosophy:

  • Flexibility to use the basic service, or expand the cloud to exactly what you need puts it comfortably in the middle of utility.
  • One of the most expensive cloud services out there. Proof that you get what you pay for.


  • Set up your own security or use the barebones security firewalls.
  • Barebones security is a little weak.


  • Pay for the amount of storage you think you will need.

- Ease Of Use

  • Takes a bit of setting up. SingleHop is not a download and go service, and even barebones does require a fair handle on data storage.

- Help/Support

  • Amazing customer support, and information about how you can expand the usefulness of your cloud to suit your every need.
  • Support comes from chat, and from written tutorials.

If you are looking for a great service that meshes the utility of malleable data hosting, with a slightly easier interface and design, SingleHop is one of the best choices. Make sure you are prepared to pay for all of these tools and services however, as it is pretty costly for a starting package.