CloudSigma - An innovative IaaS provider.

We provide high availability, flexible cloud servers and cloud hosting in both Europe and the US.!

CloudSigma is a great cloud service for those businesses who are frustrated with some of the limitations other cloud data services have. It is largely based on the end user’s knowledge of data hosting, and what you get out of it is directly relational to the work you put into crafting your cloud. Here are some pros and cons for CloudSigma business users.

CloudSigma For Your Business

CloudSigma For Your Business

CloudSigma Features

  • Unparalleled control of the data plans allows your company to pay for exactly the amount of data and computer service that you need.
  • The ability to upload entire business servers is a huge benefit with larger companies.

Product Philosophy:

  • Taking the cloud to a more technical place.


  • Only having two public servers may compromise security. The security of your uploaded date is largely the responsibility of the user.


  • Pay for the amount of data that you need.

Ease Of Use

  • Control over your cloud is only limited by the technical knowledge of your admins, so you can create exactly what your business needs.
  • To use all of these services to the greatest benefit, it is necessary to have a knowledgeable IT department or personnel.
  • You may find yourself manipulating your plan many times before you find the perfect settings for your needs. This is not a “click-and-go” cloud service.


  • Server errors are much lower than other services, as the company is much more technically minded than some other cloud companies.


CloudSigma User Review

CloudSigma User Review

Many cloud services claim to be the most advanced platform available. CloudSigma may just take the cake in the area of technological advancement. With tons of great features and an in depth customization method, there are few cloud data hosts that can compare to CloudSigma.


  • Some of the most in-depth server and cloud management tools available.
  • The ability to upload whole information servers in one upload.
  • Fast uploads and sharing abilities.

Product Philosophy:

  • Some of the largest available space for the lowest prices, if you need it.


  • Two public server base locations make data slightly more vulnerable.
  • Security is put into the hands of the user, which may make data more vulnerable if the user is unfamiliar with firewalls and other protective measures.


  • Pay for what you need. Users get to choose how much data they will need and how much it will cost.

- Ease Of Use:

  • Requires a lot more technical knowledge than some other cloud hosting services.

- Help/Support

  • Immediate customer support tools that get you the help you need right away. Tools include a chat feature.


CloudSigma is not for everyone. It is a much more technically minded software platform, that is much more intrinsic to the person using the cloud. This means if you do not have a good grasp on how to protect your data, and exactly what you need out of a cloud, you may feel at a loss. However, a great customer service chat program helps you to reach this understanding quickly.